Tiger's Eye

Age: 33

Bout Weight: 168

Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco

Occupation: Software Engineer

Boxing and Kickboxing were my passion since childhood. At a young age, I had a chance to work out at my local gym for few years. I never thought I would train hard again, especially, to compete for a great cause, until I have decided to be a part of this show.
Ever since last few editions, when Coach Xavier Oliver saw my skills and introduced me to the Atlanta Corporate Fight Night, I have been hesitating to participate due to work and personal reasons, but I guess this year is meant to be mine. I am excited for this opportunity to finally showcase my passion, athletic skills, and my commitment to the community. 
The Atlanta's Premier Charity Boxing Event brings back a lot of great childhood memories! I have to admit, I feel fresh, motivated, pretty excited, and ready to fire, boy! BETTER WATCH OUT!


Age: 28

Bout Weight: 123

Hometown: San Marcos, Mexico

Occupation: Sushi Chef

I love boxing on Corporate Fight Night.  This will be my third time and its an honor every time.  I'll be sure to bring my "A" game to preform on this excellent platform for a great cause.

El Elejido

Age: 11

Bout Weight: 75

Hometown: Atlanta Ga

Occupation: An incredible kid and athlete!

I want to fight on Corporate Fight Night because it will be a lot of fun and its for a great cause.  I have great trainers too with Juan and Terri!

The Assasin

Age: 50

Bout Weight: 180

Hometown: Minsk, Belarus

Occupation: Computer programmer

I want to participate in Corporate Fight Night because of the excitement of the show and competition. I haven't done charity work before, so I'm excited about that as well.

To my opponent Joshua I would say that I hope we have a good fight and a good expereince no matter who wins.

Archie Lee

Age: 28

Bout Weight: 180

Hometown: Atlanta Ga

Occupation: CEO, Wearbrims

I want to compete on Corporate Fight Night because its something very exciting that I've never done before.

To my opponent Justin I would just say "be ready!".

Big Ben

Age: 27

Bout Weight: 160

Hometown: Houston, TX

Occupation: Business Consultant

I want to cpompete on ACFN because I want to move beyond sparring and experience the thrill of a real fight!  I've done charity work before working with the Campus Kitchen Project.  Charity work is importnat to me and I'm really happy to be fighting for Open Hand Atlanta.  To my opponent Jongdae I would say, "Good luck!  Let's make it into an exciting fight!"

Big White Guy

Age: 24

Bout Weight: 185

Hometown: Canton. GA

Occupation: Regional AV Specialist (Sales)

Ive always enjoyed fighting and the adrenaline that comes with it. This is my chance to do something I enjoy and do it for a great cause.

The Korean BBQ

Age: 31

Bout Weight: 150

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Occupation: Nonprofit organizer

I have been through a lot of changes in my life lately, and started boxing to just keep in shape, but now I want to keep challenging myself to see where I can go, plus Corporate Fight Night sounds like a lot of fun!

I have always been a volunteer throughout my life.  Now, I run my own nonprofit in Clarkston, Ga., and one of our goals is to empower youth through education.  I'm excited to fight for Open Hand Atlanta!

To my opponent Torre I will say "be ready and lets have fun!".  

Light 'Em Up

Age: 47

Bout Weight: 173

Hometown: Atlanta Ga

Occupation: Intellectual Property and Litigation Attorney

I decided to participate in Corporate Fight Night because I'm a guy, and guys like to punch stuff. I'm also excited to raise money and awareness for Open Hand Atlanta, which delivers meals and therapy to seniors and others in need. Raising my fitness level, learning new skills, and challenging myself mentally also motivate me. Last but not least . . . I think Terri Moss is awesome!


Age: 29

Bout Weight: 195

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan

Occupation: Owner, Limousine Service

I love sports, especially boxing.  I have always wanted to fight one day in a professional ring, and Corporate Fight Night gives me the opportunity to do it.  I'm really happy to have the opportunity to fight on Corporate Fight Night and will bring all of my friends and family out to see the show!

Boom Boom

Age: 25

Bout Weight: 200

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Occupation: Data Analyst

One of my core principles is Discipline. I've adopted this as a tenet to my life at times of failure and it has helped me to achieve success. However, I am still young and I'm continually developing and working to more completely apply this trait to my life. I've learned that when you apply Discipline to your Mind, to your Body, and to your Soul, you can overcome most challenges that you face. Boxing tests your fitness in all three of these areas. It tests the Mind because boxing is a strategic sport. Anticipation and strategy will help you overcome your opponent. It tests the Body because it takes phenomenal physical stamina to stay in the ring, round after round, continuing to fight. Lastly, boxing tests the Soul. A boxer has to keep their temperament in check while someone is literally trying to knock them out. It's only natural to react sporadically. However, it takes spiritual discipline to roll with the punches, stay focused, stay confident, and power through. Preparing for a boxing match requires a tremendous amount of discipline in every aspect of life. I believe that when approached correctly, training in the art of boxing provides a metaphor that equips the practitioner with the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle they might face in their daily life. I am a young man with a lot of aspirations. I want to use this opportunity to help mold myself for the future.

I have participated in Habitat for Humanity on several occasions and I am a "Big" in the Big Brother Big Sister program. In my job I work for a nonpartisan non-profit who's purposed to increase power through civic engagement (voter registration, voting, and participation in policy) among communities of color, women, and youth.

I don't have a lot to say to my opponent Reico, I'm just looking forward to a good fight.

The Belgian Waffle

Age: 25

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

I love competitive sports. I played soccer for 17 years but martial arts has become my new favorite thing since. I received my black belt in Karate this past summer from an organization called Impact 360.
I am very excited to do this for a charity named Open Hand. As a senior design project at Harding University, me and my team raised money for a company called ManaNutrition who make peanut paste to feed malnourished children in Africa. We designed and built a table top device so they could produce this product locally by the mere push of a button. Not only do I desire to win but I hope more than anything that this will help those who cannot afford food or cannot prepare it themselves.
To Quinton, my opponent I would say: “I never lose! Either I win or I learn.”


El Gato

Age: 35

Bout Weight: 140

Hometown: Sanluis Potosi, Mexico

Occupation: Construction

Boxing is a big sport in Mexico, and I'm very excited to have a chance to compete on Corporate Fight Night.

El Venenoso

Age: 42

Bout Weight: 180

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

I'm excited to be on ACFN 13 and to have a new goal, new challenge, and to raise money for Open Hand Atlanta.  I've done work in the past for CARE and GHHS and enjoy charity work.

To my opponent I will simply say "let's get it on!".

Del Toro

Age: 31

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: Girardot, Colombia

Occupation: Web developer and designer

I want to compete on Corporate Fight Night to test my limits and push boundaries as a martial artist, and to use this platform to help those who need services we sometimes take for granted.  I've done some charity work before and raised money for prostate cancer with the Movember Foundation.

To my opponent Abdel I will say "bend the knee". 

Bad Company

Age: 49

Bout Weight: 142

Hometown: Atlanta

Occupation: Public Health Research, CDC

I'm fighting to celebrate my 50th birthday and to raise money for an awesome organization that has done important work in Atlanta providing nutritious meals for people in need.  

The Pit Bull

Age: 32

Bout Weight: 140

Hometown: Puebla Mexico

Occupation: Executive Chef at Big Sky Buckhead

A few months ago after Sesame Street visited her school with a character who was a young refugee girl, my 9 year old daughter Nayeli Damian decided that she wanted to do something to help the refugee community here in Atlanta. Together with parents and friends  she organized "Taste of the Neighborhood" -- a community event featuring dishes from all over the world prepared by her very own neighbors. For a donation everyone received a tasting cup to try all of the delicious foods, there was plenty to go around and lots of culture and stories for neighbors to share. This is what has inspired me to join this great fun raiser corporate fight night and to do more charity for the community I’m so proud of my daughter and hope that she’s can be proud of me as well.

I'm excited to box for Open Hnd Atlanta because I've done some charity work before. I really enjoyed hosting cooking classes at the cooks warehouse in midtown benefitting the Atlanta community food bank, and that really tuned me in to seeing how important charity work can be, so I'm ready for more!

For this bout I’m going to let my skills do the talking in the ring, but for now I have a few words for my opponent Jose, “Let’s put on a show!”.

Matt the Cat

Age: 40

Bout Weight: 175

Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Occupation: Master Carpenter

I've had the pleaseure to participate on Corporate Fight Night before, and I'm really excited to get to do it again.  I love boxing, and i love what Terri is doing with the show and the non-profits who benefit from the show.  Let's get it on!


Age: 25

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: Valdosta, GA

Occupation: Warehouse, Home Depot

Imma knock his block off!

Big O

Age: 20

Bout Weight: 190

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

Occupation: Chef

I love Corporate Fight Night, its so fun and for such a great cause, and I'm really excited to get to compete on ACFN 13 no matter who it is against, win, lose , or draw, its always an honor and a pleasure.

Fresh Life Q

Age: 33

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: Pontiac, Mi

Occupation: Fashion Designer/ Creative Director

Corporate Fight Night something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve been boxing on and off since I was a little kid and this is a golden opportunity and a dream come true.

Captain Walker

Age: 39

Bout Weight: 198

Hometown: Decatur, GA

Occupation: Gym Owner, Fitness Consultant, Motivational speaker

I see ACFN as a opportunity to take the skills and athleticism I've been practicing for years and put them to youse. I've always wanted to compete in a boxing match but never had the support or guts to do so. With ACFN I can test my skills in an environment that is safe and fair to the athlete's and also give the opertunity to raise funds for a great cause like feeding the sick and shut in. I also want to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and live their dreams, no matter how extreme. Thank you for allowing me to be part of something greater than my self. #pushthrough


Age: 33

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: San Marcos, Mexico

Occupation: Dentist

I love boxing on Corporate Fight Night because it does so much for great causes.  I do a lot of charity work and am excited to fight for Open Hand Atlanta.

The Gael Force

Age: 46

Bout Weight: 165

Hometown: Paducah, KY

Occupation: Aviation industry executive, jet pilot

Every year I take on a physical challenge way outside my comfort zone; last year it was a long-distance, open-water swim to raise money for cancer research, for which I trained intensely over four months and did well. I’ve always admired the physical condition, skill, resilience and courage displayed by fighters, so I decided to learn to box…in ten weeks!

Having a definitive timeline goal is motivating. The fight evening will be a great memory, fun for my friends, all while benefitting a good cause.

To my opponent David I would say "Have fun, but LOOK OUT on May 3rd!”

The Rock Doc

Age: 54

Bout Weight: 135

Hometown: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Occupation: Neurologist, Dekalb Medical Center

I want to compete in Corporate Fight Night for the Challenge and to help a good cause.  I've done charity work as a physician with the Dekalb Medical Foundation and in general as a physician.  I've done lots of free clinic volunteering over the years with organizations like Hosea Feed the Hungry, Lifetime nimal Project etc.

I would say to my opponent Lisa, "I love you, please don't kill me."

The Grim Reaper

Age: 21

Bout Weight: 178

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Occupation: Math tutor

I've always been an athlete and nothing beats boxing. This is an amazing opportunity to begin a career in boxing. Can’t wait to be under the lights and to say to my opponent "the loser buys drinks!".